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Master in Finance.

Formato: Full Time
Modalidad: On campus
Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 94 ECTS
Idioma: English
Campus: MAD


The Master in Finance is the one-year full-time program that equips young professionals with the latest knowledge of finance, the different specialities and the leadership skills required to succeed in the financial sector.  

The Master in Finance has been designed for recent graduates or professionals with up to four years’ experience who want to expand their knowledge of finance or refocus their career towards the area, at a business school with a strong international mindset.  

The program equips you to tackle economic changes with the skill and anticipation required by the current socioeconomic paradigm. After completing the Master in Finance. You will have the opportunity to transform into a finance professional who is flexible, involved in the strategic management of the company, able to interact with all the departments in an organization and proficient at optimizing the decision-making process in a changing economic and financial environment. 

The program is offered in both our Madrid campus and Barcelona campus with two intakes. EAE’s finance area boasts a faculty of great financial professionals and offers you the opportunity to meet industry leaders through our school’s tight connections to the business world. Additionally, each year the program hosts students from over 30 nationalities and different academic backgrounds for a truly rewarding experience. The Master in Finance is official.  


The Master in Finance gives you a solid preparation, combining two great fields of finance: Consultancy and Management. Throughout the program, you will lay the groundwork of a financial profile, gaining in-depth insight into the ethical and mathematical foundations, as well as market analysis. Moreover, you will acquire the skills required for financial consultancy, with a sound knowledge of the different financial products and the key factors in building powerful portfolios for clients. In addition, you will develop soft skills, such as negotiation, and decision-making for investment and financing, as well as consolidating your executive skills.  

An intensive program in a multicultural setting, based on a dynamic and participative methodology, which will boost your career and pave the way to your future in the world of finance.

What will you learn?.  

FINANCIAL MARKETS & INSTRUMENTS: You will discover how the financial system works, as well as the main features of products. You will learn about the type, function and organization of products, as well as the assets on the markets. You will also study the problems involved in decisionmaking with respect to investment and, in particular, the valuation and selection of financial assets, as well as the efficient management of financial investment portfolios. 

FINANCIAL ADVICE AND PLANNING: You will learn to manage timings, lead a team, manage situations of conflict, prepare and lead meetings, and communicate in public. You will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the whole range of financial products, particularly with respect to the great variety of investment funds and other mutual fund institutions, with an extensive foundation of technical knowledge that will enable you to make an effective selection of the most suitable investments for each kind of client. Three Territories to conquer  

STRATEGIC VISION: Gaining a strategic vision of finance and how to align it with the company’s overall strategy. 

FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS: Gaining a command of the techniques, instruments and tools used in the management of company finances. 

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP: Developing the competences required to make financial decisions in line with the company’s strategic goals. Leading from the perspective of a financial advisor. 



Having a strategic vision of finance, as well as its position with respect to the overall strategy of the company.


Being equipped to make financial decisions that are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.


Gaining a command of the different techniques, instruments and tools used in the management of company finances.


Developing the essential competences and skills to be able to lead a modern company successfully from the perspective of the role of  the Financial Advisor.

Course Content.



Module 1 - Financial Markets & Instruments.

- Ethical and financial foundations - 6 ECTS
- Global macroeconomic analysis and financial markets - 6 ECTS
- Fixed-income markets - 6 ECTS
-Stock markets - 6 ECTS
- Derivative instruments - 6 ECTS

Module 2 - Financial Advise and Planning.

- Financial products - 6 ECTS
- Assets Management - 6 ECTS
- Financial advice and planning - 6 ECTS

Module 3 - Diagnostics, Planning and Control.

- Financial statement analysis - 3 ECTS
- Financial control & planning. Balanced Scorecard - 4 ECTS

Module 4 - Corporate Finance.

- Financial and investment decisions - 6 ECTS
- Company valuation - 3 ECTS

Module 5 - International Management.

- International tax planning - 2 ECTS
- Blockchain tecnology based instruments - 3 ECTS
- Other OTC financial instruments - 3 ECTS

Module 6 - Cash & Credit Management.

- Cash & Credit Management - 3 ECTS

Module 7 - Minor.

- Minor- 10 ECTS

Module 8 - Internship.

- External Internship- 6 ECTS

Module 9 - Thesis.

- Master´s Thesis- 6 ECTS
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